What We Believe

We believe in operating with excellence and integrity at all times. We don’t do funny business and expect the same of you. If “shady” is the name of your game, kindly go somewhere else.
We believe in gentleness with oneself. Superman doesn’t exist and Wonder Woman is fiction. We’re real people, with real dreams, real struggles, and real limitations to our time, energy, and capacity. We work diligently on our good days and grant ourselves grace when we’re a little off. We learn to boldly say “no” to lesser things, and we courageously delegate tasks off our lists.
We believe that peace is possible and soul-care is essential. Though chaos may occasionally visit, we firmly believe it’s not permitted to take up permanent residence in our homes, minds, emotions, businesses, or lives. We believe in finding solutions that work for each individual, understanding that these solutions may change depending on the season of life. We believe that we prosper only as our souls prosper (3 John 2), therefore soul-care is vital to our overall health. We believe that caring for our people holistically – body, soul, and spirit – is the better way to conduct business.
We believe that Christ calls us to rest, honor the Sabbath, and keep it holy. We reject hustling, grinding, striving, and the stress and overwhelm that accompanies them. We champion the importance of rest and seek creative solutions that allow us to make our work align with our well-being. We are committed to growing in the discipline of rest, as we understand that both our lives and businesses will greatly benefit from it.
We believe in offering genuine solutions to embrace a rest-practice. We believe that the partnership between a virtual assistant and a client can be incredibly powerful, leading to a more balanced and peaceful life for all involved. We believe a VA is an indispensable asset for driven business owners who desire to expand their impact and influence in their industry.
We believe in truth. We reject gimmicky sales tactics, icky marketing strategies, and toxic-yet-accepted ways of doing business. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and assert that there is a better way of thinking, a different approach to operating, or that a certain way of moving through life is fundamentally flawed.
This we believe.