Want peace on your vacation? Keep working.

I love taking time to step away from the ordinary routines of life, escaping to a beautiful and colorful place, free from the expectations of colleagues and clients. All the calories will be consumed, all structures will be tossed to the wind,

toes out,

hair free,

the warmth of my getaway holds my attention.

These are the moments I cherish.

But you know what I don’t love?

Playing catch up when I return to work. The overwhelm that I left at the rental house somehow makes its way back into my luggage and is waiting for me in my overflowing inbox. All the undone tasks, missed emails, updates, and demands are a shock to my system, stealing the peace that I beheld a few days prior. It sometimes makes me question the point of taking a vacation if the peace I find is unraveled in a day.

So I decided to do something about it.

I decided to break my “total shutoff” in order to experience sustained peace as I transition back to work after a break.

What does this rule-breaking look like?

It looks like sacrificing 30 minutes of my day to stay informed about business affairs.

By reviewing incoming emails, Slacks, and other notifications flagged by my virtual assistant, I can stay updated on the conversations that are happening in the business. This helps me avoid the need to catch up on a week’s worth of activity on Monday morning, reducing the chances of missing important details.


I do not reply to any messages. Protecting my time of rest is crucial, and unless it’s necessary, I don’t give the sender permission to interrupt my Sabbath. Instead, I may draft a response and schedule it to send on the morning I return to work. For messages that don’t require further attention, they can be archived, marked as read, or moved to their appropriate folders. This clears the clutter and identifies the tasks that need attention upon my return.

I invite you to consider adopting the habit of dedicating 30 minutes each day to work. This seemingly small investment offers a remarkable return—an enduring sense of peace that allows you to sustain the tranquility gained during your moments of rest. By willingly sacrificing these few minutes, you can prevent the overwhelming dread that often accompanies the end of a vacation.


There is a catch.

If you know that opening the inbox or getting online will spike your anxiety or lure you into work, please disregard everything above. Know yourself. My brain is filled with compartments that divide several areas of my life, allowing me to open and shut doors as needed. If it’s best for you to completely unplug until your return, do that.

If you’re worried about the other business tasks that might pile up while you’re away, then this is where a virtual assistant comes in. A VA can collaborate with other team members to solve problems, help keep the business moving forward, and ensure the gears keep turning. By partnering with a VA, you can have peace of mind while you make time to rest and reset. If you’d like to discuss whether a virtual assistant is right for you, I invite you to schedule a call with us by clicking here.

Until next time.

Be well,


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