Brain full of spaghetti?

Let’s detangle your thoughts and move toward clarity.

And we can do it in only a few short hours!

Wanna know my superpower?

It’s taking those jumbled thoughts, ideas, and todos,

carefully detangling them from each other,

neatly laying them out in order,

and creating a clear, concise path forward.


– I detangle the spaghetti in your brain-


You likely need a Spaghetti Session if:

You’re drowning in tasks and responsibilities but are still spinning your gears, unsure of what to focus on next…

You feel like you’re herding cats and are trying to do everything at once…

You struggle to focus on one task and find yourself shifting your attention with every reminder of what hasn’t yet been completed…

You’re dealing with uncertainty, overwhelm, and can’t get a grasp on what to do next, when to do it, and if it’s even the right thing to be doing right now…

You have no shortage of thoughts, ideas, and todos but need a clear path forward to make sense of it all…

You’re finding it difficult to make decisions because of the sheer number of options and considerations…

Untangle Your Thoughts and

Gain a Crystal-Clear Plan

in less than 3 Hours


You’re pouring your heart into your business, doing your best to juggle countless tasks. You’re trying to move the needle forward, but perhaps your mind is a whirlwind of ideas, pulling you in a million directions. Maybe you don’t have a strong grasp on what exactly to focus on next, despite a lengthy to-do list begging for attention. It’s as if your thoughts have become a tangled bowl of spaghetti, leaving you yearning for clarity and order.


You could really use a THOUGHT PARTNER.


That’s where a Spaghetti Session can work wonders.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Pre-Session Homework: Collecting details about your current challenges and goals to maximize the session’s effectiveness.
  • 2.5-Hour Intensive Zoom Session: A focused, real-time discussion to untangle your thoughts and organize your ideas relating to one initiative.
  • Collaborative Workshopping: Interactive dialogue to make sense of your tasks, thoughts, and curiosities.
  • Personalized Task List and Roadmap: Receive a customized, prioritized plan of next steps to move forward
  • Expert Guidance: Leveraging my experience and superpower to provide clarity and direction.
  • Peace of Mind: Reducing the chaos in your brain and providing a clear understanding of what to do next and how to get there.
  • Empowerment: Enabling you to confidently take the next steps in your business journey.

Your investment: $400

Want a taste?

Sign up for a FREE 30-minute Spaghetti Session.

Here’s What To Expect


Complete a short pre-session brain dump.


We gather around the virtual whiteboard for collaboration, discussion, and detangling. This is where the magic happens! It’s here that we put each puzzle piece in its rightful place and in the right order. Expect lots of digital sticky notes, highlighters, and drawing things out. 


I won’t leave you stranded. You’ll receive a formal wrap-up of our time together that includes any decision we made, aha’s we had, and every to-do neatly listed and prioritized. With this document, you will know exactly what to focus on and in what order.

Detangle your ideas,

Find your focus,

Move to action


Structured Strategy: Understand exactly what steps to take next in your business journey and develop a clear, strategic roadmap tailored to your unique business needs.

Prioritized Action Items for Your Current Initiative: Walk away with a detailed list of tasks, organized by priority to maximize efficiency.

Reduced Overwhelm: Experience a significant reduction in stress and mental clutter, allowing for focused productivity.

Empowered Decision-Making: When we’re done, you’ll be able to make informed, strategic decisions that align with your business goals and vision.

You’re the perfect fit if…

  • You’ve got so much “spaghetti in your brain” that you’re having a hard time weeding through all the details 

  • You are ready for a clear roadmap of your next steps, complete with a timeline

  • You’re a service provider who is ready to stop spinning your gears and build an impactful business

We’re probably not quite right together if…

  • You’re not willing to safely expose the messiness hidden in your brain, your notes app, your planner, and anywhere else thoughts and tasks are scribbled
  • You know exactly what to focus on next in your business

  • You aren’t comfortable with collaboration and brainstorming

It’s time to move forward with clarity and order


Asked Questions

What exactly is a "Spaghetti Session"?

A Spaghetti Session is a 2.5-hour intensive Zoom session where we serve as your thought partner. Together we’ll untangle the chaotic thoughts, tasks, and ideas that are keeping you from progressing in your business with clarity and focus. You kinda know what needs to get done but need support laying them out in their appropriate order and creating a step-by-step plan for whatever you’re building in this stage.  By the end of the session, you’ll have clear, actionable steps to move forward with confidence. 

Will we be creating a roadmap for my entire business?

Not quite. We’ll work together to address one initiative you’re building in this current stage of your business. Maybe it’s reevaluating your business systems. Maybe it’s building an online course. Or maybe it’s figuring out how to rearrange your life to make more room for rest and recovery. We’ll focus on only one initiative during our time.

What can I expect during the session?

We’ll start by discussing your current challenges and goals. Then we’ll head to the virtual whiteboard to lay everything out, connect the dots, prioritize tasks, and create a detailed roadmap for moving forward. You’ll have my full support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Do I need to prepare anything before the session?

We’ll send you a short pre-work assignment. This will give us a starting point to work from and ensure that we make the most of our time together.

I have a few questions before I sign up. Can we talk first?

Of course! Click HERE to schedule a discovery call or send us a message with your questions. 

I need this! How do I proceed?

Click HERE to submit an inquiry and we can get the ball rolling!

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We prioritize both productivity and well-being, rejecting hustle culture and emphasizing the importance of harmony in life and business. Our commitment to creating systems that support not only business growth but also personal fulfillment resonates with clients who seek sustainable success.

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