You need support.

We have solutions.

Running a business is a journey filled with unique challenges and opportunities. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success, which is why we offer tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs.


– Get Clarity –

Thought Structuring Session

Feel like your brain is full of tangled spaghetti? In less than 3 hours, we’ll detangle your thoughts and move toward clarity.

– Get People Support –

Work With a

Virtual Assistant

We are your extra hours in the day. We connect driven business owners with US-based VAs so that everyone can live an unapologetically productive, ambitious, and restful life.

Why trust Open Tabs?

With over a decade of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge relating to administration and operations to the table. Our diverse background equips us with the skills to extract unique solutions to the complexities of different businesses.

We prioritize both productivity and well-being, rejecting hustle culture and emphasizing the importance of harmony in life and business. Our commitment to creating systems that support not only business growth but also personal fulfillment resonates with clients who seek sustainable success.

When you work with us, your business becomes our priority. We operate with unwavering integrity, treating your business as if it were our own. Our commitment to excellence means we get it right the first time, sparing you the frustration of repeatedly reworking your processes.