Resting is More Than Sleeping

There is more to resting than people give it credit for. It’s often confused for, or used interchangeably with sleep, which unfortunately strips it of its significance and impact.

Rest is powerful.

Rest is sacred.

Rest is divine.

In its glory, rest is a beautiful gift that invites healing, joy, peace, optimism, passion, and contentment to your present moment. Resting is making space for your whole self, to breathe, to be restored, to be recharged, and to be nourished. Resting is a rebellious act against a system that wants you to work till your fingers bleed. It’s a protest that says, “I will not be a slave to other people’s expectations, agendas, or timeframe. I will honor myself by refilling my cup in a restful way. I will move at a pace that is congruent with my internal needs.”

Resting is not merely sleeping, although it can be a form of rest. Resting is doing whatever fills your cup, polishes your soul, and restores a piece of yourself to yourself. It can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as several weeks. Don’t think you’re excluded if your calendar is filled. Rest can be programmed in the craziest of schedules, though it requires discipline.

Resting can look like many things:

Closing your eyes on the bus for 10 minutes

Eating lunch in your car away from your devices and colleagues


Completing a page in a coloring book

Having coffee with your favorite person

Playing with a dog

Stretching your body

Getting off social media

Taking a sabbatical from work

Transferring all your thoughts and emotions to a journal

Enjoying a morning tea ritual

Going for a walk around the neighborhood


Rest doesn’t have to be formal, extravagant, expensive, or extensive to be beneficial. It’s accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. The requirements are a willingness to participate, a few minutes at minimum, and discipline.

Have you ever silenced your phone, only to return to five missed calls, eight text messages, and 13 emails when your phone is typically pretty quiet? The moment you determine to develop a rest practice, distractions will abound to keep you where you are. Discipline is necessary to prevent the demands of others from overriding your moments of replenishment. They can wait a few moments before you get back to them. Honestly, they can. The world won’t crumble if you don’t respond immediately, though your soul may believe otherwise because of its cultural programming. But know this – when you rest, that same soul will be grateful for the springtime rain that waters its wilted garden in rest.

Learning to set clear boundaries, saying yes to the right things, saying no to unfruitful things, and saying not right now to the in-between things are muscles we all can do better to flex. The beautiful truth is that you don’t have to do it alone. Gather the support of a trusted friend, family member, or virtual assistant to keep you accountable in your rest practice.

For more dedicated support:

A virtual assistant can do far more than answer emails or schedule meetings. They can easily become partners to help you achieve your goals and honor your boundaries. We’d love to connect and discover if a virtual assistant is right for you.

Until next time.

Be well,


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