Pt 2: Rethinking Your Day

Remember in the last post when I mentioned that there are gems hidden between the verses and pages of the Bible? Genesis 1 recounts the creation story from a Christian perspective, and whether you agree with it or think it’s foolishness, perhaps you may appreciate how this chapter shares insight on structuring your day. Some of this may be new, some may be a reminder, but ultimately, if it worked for God, then maybe it’ll work for us as well.


Read on.

Create realistic expectations

I used to be notorious for attempting to build Rome in a day. My to-do lists were decades-long, my aggression was sky-high, and my expectations were out of this world. To frustrate myself even more, if I only accomplished a fraction of the 102 things on my list, I found myself thoroughly devastated and strategizing how to do more, faster. Oh, hello exhaustion and burnout! Nice to see you again…

Can you relate?

I hate that we do this to ourselves.

It’s not kind nor is it realistic.

The Bible offers us a more practical way of moving through business: focus on the most important things that need to be done. Pick two or three. On day one of creation, God only had a to-do list with two items:

  1. Separate the light from the darkness
  2. Call the light “day” and the darkness “night”

That’s all.

What if, despite all that is screaming for attention and care, we narrowly focused on the few tasks that will move the needle forward in our businesses and lives? With all that is vying for our resources I resonate with the feeling that this may be easier said than done, but, fortunately, solutions exist.

Practical application: Brain dump all that needs to be done. Of those, what are the top three tasks that must be accomplished today? Think: “Today will be a success if I accomplish these things.” Focus on those first. Schedule or delegate the rest.

Celebrate what you’ve done

After God created a thing, the Bible says that “God saw that it was good.”

You are worth celebrating. The work you do is worth celebrating. Regardless of the size or perceived impact, you are worth a moment to say, “Well done, me”. Acknowledge what you’ve crossed off your list and call it good.

God did.

So can you.

Practical application: Find a way to celebrate yourself with every task you accomplish. It could be by ringing a bell, giving yourself an internal pat on the back, or taking a trip to Disney World.

Honor boundaries

“There was evening, and there was morning.”

In this context, a day begins at sundown, similar to Passover for Jews or Ramadan for Muslims. As God was creating all that has and will ever exist, it’s amazing that his tasks stayed in the day. Nothing went home with him. Nothing got pushed to tomorrow. He honored the boundaries of the day and worked within its confines. May we grow in discipline so that work stays at work as often as possible. We’re not God, and there’s nothing offensive about finishing a task on another day. But may grace abound so that our consciences are clear and at peace, allowing us to rest and remain present in the hours after work.

Practical application: Create a to-do list of two or three tasks and focus on them first, as previously discussed. Celebrate what gets done, and move unfinished tasks to the next day. Simple. Tomorrow is a great day to start again.

Begin with the end in mind

If you keep reading Genesis 1, you’ll notice that days 1-5 were all leading up to day 6, the day God made Adam. If those prior days had not been established, there would be nothing for him to fill, subdue, rule, eat, or name. God wisely began with the end in mind and diligently worked accordingly. Wouldn’t it be wise for us to do the same as we build our businesses? To allow our final destination to determine today’s agenda? I think such an approach could keep us focused in the day-to-day, reminding us to give our attention to that which will be the building block we stand on tomorrow.

Practical application: Identify where you what to go and break the journey up into smaller destinations. Ask: to accomplish your yearly goals, what needs to happen each month, week or day?

There are many different ways to approach your day and I find it interesting that God had His own method of maneuvering his agenda. However you choose to go about your business, we’d love the opportunity to support you as you build your masterpiece. Click here if you’d like to begin.

Until next time.

Be well,


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