A life of work and rest can absolutely coexist. It’s possible, though it’s not widely accepted. They don’t have to be feuding enemies of each other. There doesn’t have to be great conflict. Harmony between the two can be realized.

One way I personally acknowledge this truth is by using my favorite time management technique: Pomodoro. Simply, it’s a time of deep, uninterrupted work followed by a break. Sometimes I enjoy a 25-minute work/5-minute break split while other times I prefer a 50-minute work/10-minute break split. Those breaks can be used to:

  • Stretch
  • Make a fresh cup of tea
  • Get up and stare out the window
  • Text your boo “Thinking about you”
  • Do a small art project
  • Take deep breaths
  • Pray
  • Use the bathroom then grab a snack
  • Give your dog a belly rub

You may be surprised at how much can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. And you may be even more surprised at how great you’ll feel after allowing your brain to rest for a moment.

Time-saving tip:

Search for “pomodoro” on Youtube to enjoy videos that combine a timer with music. You can find all kinds of playlists that follow a work/break pattern of your choice. I particularly enjoy listening to the lo-fi, chill-hop versions.

Additionally, I want to reassure you that your business won’t collapse if you turn off notifications for a few minutes to focus. If you find it challenging to silence the notifications, I encourage you to ask yourself why. Is it due to FOMO? Or perhaps a lack of trust in your systems or your virtual assistant? If you’d like to talk it through, you’re more than welcome to send us an email. And if you’d like to begin working with VA, we can talk about that over here.

Until next time.

Be well,


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