Hi, I’m Elysha,

Founder of Open Tabs.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Allow me to introduce myself.

For years, my energy and passion were wholeheartedly devoted to the world of pastries within the fine dining and luxury hospitality industry. Until I came face to face with burnout. This pivotal moment made me acutely aware of the urgent need for a work style that not only celebrated excellence but also cherished my own well-being. In 2019, that realization birthed Open Tabs, a space where I could redefine work on my terms while helping others do the same.

I’m not just your typical Virtual Assistant; I’m your strategic partner in creativity, efficiency, and well-being. I possess a unique ability to assemble intricate puzzles, to see the bigger picture while tending to the smallest details. You can consider me your keeper of the pieces, ensuring no valuable fragment gets lost.

Through my work as an Executive Assistant, I harness this special skill to keep you in your zone of genius. I meticulously organize, research, strategize, coordinate, and communicate, so you can focus on your masterpiece. I believe that while you build your vision, you deserve a pause button that expands time and revitalizes your impact.

But my mission extends beyond tasks; I’m committed to the health of your business, as well as your internal health – your mind, body, and soul. While I advance your many projects, I also encourage you to craft moments for rest. I challenge the norms of hustle and grind culture, pushing you to consider a blend of productivity and rejuvenation. Because both are important.

Since starting Open Tabs, it has evolved into a virtual assistant agency that has brought on other amazing and talented virtual assistants to work with you toward your success. But this is not just any VA agency; we support leaders who aspire to achieve greatness without being consumed. My journey through burnout has empowered me to create a space where changemakers don’t merely survive; they thrive, innovate, and rest.

Our support isn’t just about additional hands, minds, or hours; it’s about amplifying your brilliance while safeguarding your sanity. We’re here to ensure that every puzzle piece finds its place, that your masterpiece comes together, and that you embark on this journey sustainably and with fulfillment.

Welcome to Open Tabs, where we connect business owners, leaders, and busy people with virtual assistants so that everyone can live an unapologetically productive, ambitious, and restful life. Let’s make your masterpiece together.