A Lightened Load: 35 Ways a VA Might Bring Relief

Business can be hard sometimes. But with the right team, it doesn’t always have to be. The beauty of working alongside a virtual assistant is gaining additional space to focus on what’s most important to you, having the margin to rest and reset, and having a reliable partner to build with.

Initiating a new virtual assistant relationship can sometimes feel daunting, particularly if it’s unfamiliar territory. But my hope is that this list of tasks will help you realize the potential of this relationship and provide a fresh perspective on the various items you can entrust to your assistant.

While this list is not exhaustive, here are 35 ways in which a virtual assistant can potentially support you in your business:

  1. Email filtering and sorting
  2. Scheduling meetings and events
  3. Project management
  4. Document creation and editing
  5. Email correspondence on your behalf
  6. Making and returning phone calls
  7. Writing copy for your newsletter
  8. Database creation and management
  9. Purchasing plane tickets, hotels, and activities for business or pleasure
  10. Creating travel itineraries for you and your team
  11. Managing family calendars
  12. Designing posts and posting on social media
  13. Website maintenance
  14. Conducting competitor analysis and providing insights
  15. Managing your presence on Glassdoor
  16. Following up with contacts
  17. Landing podcast interviews
  18. Sourcing, purchasing, and mailing holiday gifts
  19. Paying personal or business bills
  20. Vendor and supplier management
  21. Event planning
  22. Online course management
  23. Personal tasks such as ordering groceries from Instacart, purchasing birthday gifts, scheduling pest control
  24. Creating and updating standard operating procedures
  25. Set up an Ideal Work Week (that includes time to pause and rest)
  26. Conducting market research for new product/service ideas
  27. Managing and updating your CRM system
  28. Transcribing audio or video recordings
  29. Creating and managing online surveys or questionnaires
  30. Hiring other contractors
  31. Data entry and organization
  32. Generating reports and analyzing data
  33. Proofreading and editing documents or articles
  34. Conducting online market research for industry trends and insights
  35. Social media community management

We are pretty serious about commanding peace over the chaos and we’d love the opportunity to discuss other, unique ways a virtual assistant could be of support. If you’ve never worked with a VA before, don’t be concerned. We’ll journey with you, give you insights and recommendations, and always be available as you and your VA get acquainted. Click here to get started.

Until next time.

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